Welcome IoT World!

Launched just prior to IoT World 2017 in Santa Clara, IoT Peek is intended as an easily digestible Peek into to the world of IoT. Focused mainly on the industrial and commercial verticals, there will also be the occasional articles on residential and non-industrial use cases.

The managing editor is me, Peter Granger, long time tech-author, previously managing editor of the Cisco Manufacturing and Energy Industry Blogs, and a founding creator of all the Cisco industry blogs.

Rather than looking at IoT as a solution looking for a problem,¬†I’ll be continuing my tradition of looking at the real value of IoT to organizations. That means I’ll be interviewing vendor and eco-system companies for sure, but also asking the hard questions:

  • What have been the real business benefits from the adoption of this technology?
  • ‘Show-me’ where you have done this; who are the customers and where are the case studies?
  • We’re at the early stages, so what’s next? Tell us more about what we can expect.

I look forward to reporting back with news you’ll want to read, case study examples that will help you learn, and articles that will inform.

Stay tuned to stay informed on IoT development, companies, events, technology.

See you at IoT World in Santa Clara the week of the 15th May 2017, where I’ll be listening in on the sessions, touring the exhibition, and interviewing luminaries.



  1. I will stay tuned and hopefully you will have a lot of interesting information to share with us!

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